Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why We Write

Life is a journey. Not unlike that of Columbus or Marco Polo though, a bit subtler from time to time. A journey, in which, we constantly explore human minds. We flood the world with thoughts. These thoughts float, clash and permeate. Some day, these results in action. The action, we want to see, is the search for one-ness.

We write because we like to explore ourselves, we like to come closer to our true self, we like to realize the absolute same in others. We write because we believe there is a place in "you for me". In my humble understanding, that forms the basis of communication. We want to fight because, we want to find "me" in "you" and then embrace the "me". We want to love because, we want "you" to see yourself in "me".

It started from the one, be it science or spirit or god. It resulted in earth and it is nothing but the celebration of love. Everything else is just few words away from love.

We write because we want be part of this celebration. We write because we want to reach the one-ness someday.

1 comment:

  1. writting is a passion. the passion generates a vision. the vision is scripted into many forms of writting. yes it's true that we celebrate. celebrate when? when our visons verge into one. i contradict to the note that we write to reach the one-ness someday. i believe we write because we feel positive about ourselves and try to make others feel the same.then only we celebrate when our positivites match. one-ness is a strong word. never make it general. rather u can say we write because we want to be free. free from being artificial, free from being too real, free from what we are now and what we actually are. that's how we reach to ourselves---------that's how we reach to one-ness and it's too personal.