Friday, July 30, 2010

Technology Rules

Being an engineer by profession, i am in a very unique position to see the theories and fantasies dripping down to some form of applications. Like standing in front of a vibrant future, which is slowly unfolding and sweeping through the world.

Here goes some things which amazes me.

- Sense of Touch

I always believed that we are on the way to conquer the mastery over our senses through technology. Listening and Viewing is possible by capturing the effects and re-running it after years or across large distances. Here, with haptic technology, comes the sense of touch. I am sure, olfactory senses (smell) and taste buds will not be far away. It is like spraying the sanjeev kapur taste over your home-made recipe. Interestingly, this mastery over senses is an essential step for spiritual seekers and some have even displayed that too extent people would call it miracle.

- Wirless Power Supply

The wired world is on the way to become a weird world where the ether will be busy carrying some touch, some power and some voice across continents. Imagine the technology which can enable us uninterrupted power supply as we can experience now with a mobile handset. Of course, there are some talented innovators, who wants us to do away with the electricity altogether. As in the following

- Mitticool

Or find source of clean energy as in the following

- Hurricane To Tubelight

What is the use of technology unless it empowers the challenged. Here comes another technology that will not require the machine to understand our speech but, just our tiny brain signals.

- Intercepting Brain

Interestingly, they also consider giving a touch-sensor feedback to brain from the mechanical devices by using haptic technology. Ooops, we need quite a good control over our senses and thoughts to control the machine.

And yes, the technology is showing that "like minds meet"
- Coupling Brains

I would be curious to see the brain signal pattern during a meeting between two adversaries. The person with higher mind force overpowers the lower one and accordingly influences the action, isn't it ?

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