Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I came to see that man every now and then, usually connected to some stress of mine. Like the time I was trying to find which train would take me from Krishnanagar to Calcutta. He was sitting calmly in a bench, wearing bright dress. Yellow or something like that. It was getting late, I was being worried that I have to spend the rest of the night in that station. Searching for a railway official, I casually found him looking towards me. He smiled. I saw him again on a busy traffic junction somewhere around Moulali. I was sitting inside a bus, thinking if I would reach the appointment with my would-be client in time. I clearly saw him looking towards me, with piercing eyes, displaying a gentle smile. I wondered how often one crosses paths with other lives. I knew not him, I was quite sure. But, he appeared again, time and again, with as little as a smile, at some moment. There were only few constant clues connecting those moments of time. Like, me being in some kind of worry. Like, the man wearing a bright dress and a gentle smile. Not that the problems disappeared with his advent, he was not angel. But, that calm smile helped. It eased the tense within.

Then, what happened was unexpected.

I was walking up to my office in Park street. The man, the unmistakably very same man, was standing at the entrance. Ours was an insurance company. Visitors come often. He must be there waiting to meet someone, I thought. I pretended not to notice him and walked straight. But, he intervened. After a smile, he opened up to tell me how thankful he was. I wondered why. He told me that he saw me time and often. The moments somehow were stressful for him. He told me, I could not believe my ears when hearing, that - I was always smiling to him. Me smiling helped him to gather himself in apparently those moments, when he saw me. He hurriedly left after these small words of gratitude.

I never met him again.


  1. hmmmmmmmmm.............ata hotei pare......... we never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No one knows what the future will bring for us:-)