Friday, January 21, 2011

Innovation Series - I

Over the years, I keep on getting ideas, which I find already-in-place, impractical or sometimes really cool. Interestingly, most of such ideas hit me from day to day activities. My own career in research often have little overlap with the idea. Thus, I have almost no exposure about how to proceed with those ideas except for the fact that I can patent the idea and submit to a firm for only $199. Once the idea is deemed worthwhile, I will get some benefits out of that. I find that not matching my taste. I will rather hit up the hidden passion in some youngsters and let them make the most out of this idea.

With this perspective in mind, I am venturing with this innovation series in virtual world. Feel free to take up the idea, get back to me and shoot questions. For me, the only intention is to turn the idea into reality.

Here goes the first concept.

A Customizable Ergonomic Mouse to match your palm. Naturally, our palms and fingers differ in size, often to great extent. Yet, mice comes at more or less few different sizes. This causes pain in the nerves, even leading to numbing of the entire right arm. I have experienced this myself, when for a few months I had to do my mouse operations using left hand.

The concept is simple. Let the mouse come with a leather/soft covering as well as with different sizes, which assumes exact palm shape and pressure over the time. If we have shoes with different sizes, why not for the mice ?

I did some searching for this concept and found two variations of customization available.

First - which gives you a sense of personalization like in - here.

Second - an ergonomic version, albeit coming at hard shape and fixed size - here.

I do not have the product in mind, available anywhere. Or, I am amazingly ignorant.

The hand image is taken from here.

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