Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Last Bug

The day was less than perfect. Nothing worked. Absolutely nothing. Sunil returned home a deserted and dejected man. He called Aruna, his long-time unsteady girl friend and confidante. The phone rang. And kept on ringing till it reached the black hole called voicemail. Never mind - Sunil told to himself. Aruna would not have understood that.

Sunil logged in the machine from home with a cup of coffee. The coffee contained sugar, a lot of it. He likes the sugary moments sometimes. He turned on the music of rubaaroo with full volume..

He rechecked the code he did for that day. The terminal, the debug sessions with dummy profiles, looked perfect. Something bumps near the end. Like a ghost bug till, some one actually debugs it to discover.

Out of sheer boredom after a few minutes, Sunil logged into facebook. Quite few days after. Sunil loved his facebook profile. It evolved beautifully over years. His status messages, few hundred friends, links that he lovingly shared. Some filled with comments. Some lost in the space of time. Then suddenly, without much hesitation - Sunil started deleting the profile. There were some sorry questions towards the end of deleting event but, he persisted. Lost to the virtual world. He felt like being light, very very light. Without any bonds. No one will find him tomorrow in the net. He drank the coffee and unknowingly with the tune, lost in darkness.

The next morning, at office, Sunil's cubicle-mate - Rajan discovered his searches popping up with advertisements having a definite pattern. There are phone numbers to call in emergency, clubs to help in depression, friendship and dating sites. Rajan wondered a bit. It is a customized and censored search engine belonging to their firm. Sunil maintains it.

The curiosity grew serious when Vishal approached Rajan looking for Sunil. Vishal is the HR of their firm. Actually Vishal informed Rajan that Sunil is missing in facebook. And he is also getting similar patterns for any query in the search engine.

Rajan called Sunil immediately with deep anxiety. The guy is a bit loony. And stays alone in the ripe age of 36.

A while later Sunil responded.
"Thank god you are alive."
"Good morning. What's up ?"
"Someone deleted your facebook profile. You are - kind of - missing."

Sunil remained silent.

"Yeah Rajan. I am fine."
"OK. Vishal was worried about your missing profile..and we are getting some strange search matches in our internal engine. You messed something there ?"

"What are you getting ?" Sunil was charged up.
"Kind of anti-depression sites"
"You are getting those ? Really ?"
"Yes, you did something ?" Rajan was confused.
"Nothing serious mate. I was trying to integrate that search engine app connecting facebook and searches - since few weeks. It was not working with the dummy profiles - strange !" Sunil soliloquied.


  1. Hey Professor, Nice intriguing story! Although I have my own guesses, but would like to know your comments on :
    - Why is this the 'last bug'
    - Why the search SW didn't respond to dummy profile deletions ?

  2. @recluse rhymer,

    of course you are free to have your own interpretations. here are one of mine.
    - because there was one final bug in the sw and it got fixed.
    - because of some other bug :-)