Friday, March 11, 2011

An Untimely Death

2010 was a landmark year for Bengali films. For the first time in my life, I was wondering which Bengali movie to watch in the cinema hall. Before that, I thought I can only buy the Uttamkumar DVDs or watch Buddhadeb Dasgupta, Satyajit Ray or Tapan Sinha in television to satisfy my Bengali movie-watching desire. I was happy to be wrong. In a span of few days, I watched Kagojer Bou, Bye Bye Bangkok, Necklace with a sad feeling to miss Autograph and Moner Manus.

Autograph was a movie that probably figured among the best of the lot bagging award after award everywhere. The story behind the movie was not any less fascinating either. It featured a newcomer director and two newcomer lyricist, composer, singer. It marked a thumping comeback for an aging Bengali superstar. Everyone catapulted to the glory except..Priyam Mukherjee. He remains only in the hand-shot videos here, here and here. A young talent, eager to be heard. He got a beautiful voice with wonderful compositions to boast of. I do not know why he left the world in such a hurry but, once again I felt the sadness of departure.

The first in the queue had to be Jasojit-Da, our beloved senior from school days. He was the first example of being unanimously admired and loved by everyone around I knew. A year after passing 10th grade, when we were in hostel - we learned that JG (as Jasojit-Da was popularly known) drowned. Krishanu-Da was from the same batch of JG-da. Krishanu-Da was the most prolific sportsperson in our school days, left a few months later - by collision with a truck while riding home. We had pangs of sadness all over our boarding school on their sudden demise in succession. They were so full of promise, so much to give to the world. I only remembered a quote from our warden, Swapan-Da to console us - "whom God loves, die young". This list of premature deaths apparently ended with Ankush-Da and Shyamal-Da, who lost their lives in deadly flood on the day our vaccations were supposed to begin. Then, I had friends, who lived to grow, some being disconnected from the rest but, time and again they resurfaced. Life thrived.

Till, I came to know, a complete stranger, behind the scenes of Autograph - Priyam Mukherjee. He looked so merry, so vibrant and a melody to deliver. Words stop before the death of a melody.

Rest in peace - Priyam.

The movie Autograph was dedicated to Priyam.


  1. certain losses are never lost beyond the parameters of time, space and memory. Dearest Stranger! The losses stay, they reiterate wit time and become transient and then eternal. They stay and become a part of our being.

    1. I wish the presence could be felt. The only thing I felt was void.

  2. Can you please elaborate on why Priyam Mukherjee is behind Autograph?