Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Wonder Flower

What do you prefer to listen dear reader ? A concept, pieces of information or a story. I am sure you will eventually like to hear the story. Concept is embedded in stories anyway. Information is something you get every moment via your subscribed updates. It does not touch you anymore, I know. You are navigating amongst the trusted Akamai servers searching for some food for mind before you let your mind drift away - to sleep or to job that pays you. Let me tell you the story of the wonder flower.

The story is about a little boy living in a crowded city. He liked to paint. With colors and brushes, he would be immersed for hours. He painted objects, as he would see in his little room. A colorful car, a small train engine, a talking doll or a basket of fruits. He drew beautifully with each brushstroke putting the object in exact shape. But, his tutor was worried. Because, the little boy would never draw a living object. His argument was simple. Sir, how can I draw that to perfection. It would never be living a life. It would not breathe. It would not blossom. If I cannot do that, why shall I do that at all. He wanted to be perfect. The tutor discussed the problem with his parents. They were little worried. The boy was happy drawing pots, vessels, tables and chairs. The figures were neat.

The tutor brought a picture of god touching his son. The student was afraid to draw that. The tutor persisted. The student ran away.

The tutor brought a picture a dolphin kissing a little boy. The boy wondered how lovely the creature is but, refused to draw it.

The tutor explained that life is far more beautiful. Why do not you draw it ? You will find peace and happiness in imitating life. Do not bother for perfection. The boy did not agree.

The tutor brought a flower at last. It had small, delicate petals of light yellow color. It had a soft glow at the center and a bit of madness in the orientation of its filaments. A little angel is sleeping on the flower. The boy never saw the flower before. Upon asking the name, the tutor said - it is wonder flower. Will you try to paint it ? The boy shook his head. The tutor said - "look, this is not a real flower. This is made of paper, imagined by another artist. You do not need to worry about the picture to attain perfection." The boy believed his tutor and started to paint it. It was more difficult than anything that he drew before. He stopped eating, drinking and painted for all the time he managed to remain awake. His parents were worried again. The tutor was sorry to had this idea.

A week later, the boy had strong fever. He started speaking - "bring me the real flower" in his sleep. The parents approached the tutor. The tutor did not know what to do. He bought the picture from a street vendor and made up all the story. He did not know if the flower at all existed or not. The flower looked like Lily, had petals like China rose and shone like a Tulip.

The boy cried and asked - "bring me the wonder flower".

In desperation, his parents went everywhere to search for the flower. They took the painting the boy made. Everyone wondered how beautiful the flower is. Everyone told them it is too beautiful to be real. The parents explained patiently this to the boy.

The boy sobbed with his painting. He saw vividly the flower in his dreams. He saw a vast field of the wonder flowers, he saw angels floating around them. It cannot remain lifeless, motionless on the sheet of paper he drew.

The tutor had an idea.

He asked the boy to draw a car besides the flower. It was easy. The boy drew it immediately. He asked the boy to draw a house. He drew it. And another car, and another rail engine and another house. The picture grew crowded with inanimate objects that the little boy could draw at ease.

Few days later, the boy started recovering. There were no more dreams of wonder flower. No more angels floating. The picture looked still very beautiful. Parents of the little boy were very happy. They asked the tutor for a dinner.

Besides the dining place, the tutor noticed, the picture was neatly framed on the wall. Whether the flower was alive or dead - the tutor could not tell.

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