Tuesday, October 18, 2011

How to Age

I discovered that I am aging. And How ? I found similarity with many typecasts that I would one day had fun looking at. Not that I am not having fun now. But, to be sure, here are what you should be like when you think yourself to be mature (old is a junk word) enough.
  • develop a pattern of life. things that are unlikely to change ever. waking up, walking along a particular side when a car passes by, turning towards inner ring road every evening on the same spot. the list is endless but, you know what I mean.
  • have an opinion on everything and anything under the sun. real hard opinion that you can argue forever, without any real urge to actually rally behind it.
  • consider brooding to be a healthy habit. like telling others about your unrealized potential.
  • think about afterlife.
  • deeply imbibe a theory that justifies your increasing indifference to the worldly matters and apply the same indifference to the development/critique of that theory afterwards. in other words, remain calm.
  • become aware of your limits, mental, physical, intellectual and do not bother challenging those lazy limits anymore.
  • know nothing to surprise you anymore like, a story of ghost.
  • reconsider all the above points when playing with a kid.

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