Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Selfish Dream

I was dreaming. A strange, corporate dream.

I was a client talking to a software company, who would build me a small animated game. The game is quite simple. Two very very close friends will go near a tree and eat fruits merrily. That's it. You really cannot make up much from a small dream like that unless you want to go through the entire Interpretation of Dreams . The animated game came soon and  I was playing it happily, myself being one of the two players. The game let the players emote. So, there was laughter, fun, joy around.

Soon, I realized that it is more fun to climb the tree and eat the fruits there. I told so to the company. It repeatedly tried to bring that feature but, failed. I was told that only one can climb the tree at a time and if that happens then the other one cannot eat the fruit. I was curious but, insisted on my scheme of things. After all, I am the customer (and of course it is my dream).

Failing all the deadlines I set to them, the company gave up on the project. I demanded an explanation. A senior representative of the company explained it to me in this way.
"The characters are as in this world, essentially selfish. If one climbs the tree, he/she will eat all the fruit anyway. The other cannot eat."
"Can't we both climb the tree together ?" - I exclaimed.
"Yes, but then the race will be about who reaches first." 
"OK, then why are we happy below the tree, where there could be a race for who eats more ?"
"There is. There is actually something like that going on. You never recognize this because, this is only the first level of the game. You were happy to be in a company of other."

I could not argue further and of course woke up quite sad with that realization.

Perhaps, only perhaps, I can save the game by adding a genetic relation between the two players and bringing the theory of selfish gene into effect.

Image Source: by Krish Dulal (own work) (Creative Common License)


  1. hahaha ... the first line made me chuckle in my seat :P
    on a serious note, the way I understood this post makes me give it a thumbs up ! :)
    I hope I got it right :D


  2. Yeah Sarvo, Vasudhoibo Kutumbakom. There seems to be no other way.

    1. Just for the record ... I am still reading the blog :P


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