Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The New Beginning

The annual display of enthusiasm to cross over the last night of December is over. I pondered why is it so different from every other morning ? Why so much uproar about new ? New promises, new resolutions, new beginning. Surely, it is not about accounting and ending the tasks. The work plans and school years not necessarily align with the January-December calendar. The new year according to Gregorian calendar does not even mark a new season, like the Bengali/Tamil new year, which marks the beginning of summer. It is not about the rotation around Sun either. We do not feel it and therefore, hardly care for it unless, you are in astrology/astronomy.

Yes, the astrologers have a busy period during annual transitions. With Murphy's law(see here) always in action, people still remain confused whether things are improving for better or worse.

For a vast population, the new year is another excuse for celebration. This year the celebration was even more jubilant for just being around - as lot of people claimed the end of the world according to Mayan calendar(see here). Being alive and shout one's mind out is definitely a reason to shout more. Or at least that's what I have reasoned about it.

However, for everyone, the real treat of new year comes with the word "new". The old year vanishes with summary highlights, remaining as a tiny drop of time in our personal and collective journey.

We really dont like being in the old. Everything around us ages and is forgotten. Old clothes, old friends, old fashions. Surreptitiously trickles in, in the apparent new year, are old desires, old habits. Even if we have nothing new to become or nothing new to offer, we mask all those failures to make our personal transitions into a mere perceptory newness of a year.

Being aware is something that can be hardly taught. We learn to be aware or in awe of things around us. With the growing volume of things around, almost nothing of our mind is left to ponder about things within or things of past. As a result, we fail, then fail to observe and then, fail again. This is something in our personal and collective level. We see the cry of a nation (now) and little more than a year ago (Anna). Things run smooth still and I hear stories of despair only. Sure, the load of morality is too heavy to bear for every one. But, we can try. And begin the real new year.

Of course, some concrete actions help the collective transition. On personal front you know (or dont know?) yourself well to start with. I found a collective action worth advertising. Look at the following link (here) of our national elected leaders. Contribute in action or thought on how do they perform. They should definitely take larger share of collective conscience because, they chose to. And in front of them, be brave to shout.

Good luck with the journey.

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