Monday, January 6, 2014

Haunting Melodies

Emotions are often too personal, which, without a calibre to express, fail to connect. I am not adept at getting that across. Neither do I intend to convey the feelings that I am penning down now. Nevertheless, often the memory is flooded with such thoughts that, one better let it out and preserve the entire nostalgia of emotions as a singular blog page. Hope the world rediscovers beautiful memories from reading this.

It was a summer evening of 1998. I went to stay overnight with a friend, at a small rented flat where he used to stay during his college-going years. The plan was, apparently, to prepare for campus placements and learn linux operating system. We ended up, as expected, discussing many things apart from OS. As night dawned, full moon was beaming through the broken window panes of the untidy and unkempt room. My friend, ever romantic as he is, started playing Asha Bhonsle in a old tape recorder. The song was Yeh Zulfon ki from the film Do Aur Do Paanch. The song is superbly composed with the melody giving a feeling of open wilderness. Suddenly, the clouds passing through the moon appeared like the hair of beauty that sky was. The moments got etched vividly, forever. What continued even after that night was the melody in mind. It only diminished long after, when I saw the movie and found that the song is wasted with bad picturization in an average movie. I heard from several friends that this happened to them, too. Melodies haunt, really.

I was about to leave a prestigious college after a stay of few days to come back to my hometown. The decision was sudden and emotional. I went to the canteen of the hostel, where in a wall-hanged TV, the song Aao Tumhen Chand Pe Le Jaayen from the movie Zakhmee was being played. I heard the song several times before I left home few days prior to this. During those days, without internet and without knowing the source of the song, it was miraculous that you hear the same song that is being played on your mind again in a very unexpected way. As if, the world around is sync-ed to the tune. The song captured the moment for me. I was about to leave for my home and the song promises all that a home can be like. Much later, I learnt that it was one the first hit Hindi song from Bappi Lahiri. An aging Sunil Dutt and Asha Parekh in a beautifully shot song.

I never know if they play Yeh Ratein during the celebration of a New Year's Eve in get-together as it was sung in Julie. I do not know if any romantic couple remembered Dev Anand singing Dil Ka Bhanwar while climbing up Qutub Minar. Probably not, because the stairs remain inaccessible nowadays. How I wish that I take a train ride for listening to Hai Apna dil, a cabby who can sing Wo Hi Chal Mera Dil like Mithun did in Shaukeen. List of songs get never-ending and memories gather only to get despaired amidst the current crop of compositions in movie. Perhaps my age forces me to be nostalgic. Perhaps I need to talk more to younger minds. I remember playing Do Pal Ki Thi again and again, when a young student urged me to listen to this knowing my fascination for old compositions. This was a new song at that time and refreshingly sure of the melodious roots. I remembered the song as I passed through my phases of short and deep associations of that time. Songs fade out. Only to remind time and again that Anewala Pal is not there to stay. To remind that the there is something special in every journey - Azeeb Dastan. Wish you a melodious New Year, dear reader.


  1. "Perhaps I need to talk more to younger minds." ... no sirji ... stick to these classics. otherwise you will end up only with things like "lungi dance"